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Changers Bk1. Drew by T Cooper & Allison Glock-Cooper.

April 3, 2016

changersChangers Bk1. Drew by T Cooper & Allison Glock-Cooper. Pub. Atom, 2016.

Fourteen year old Ethan moves with his parents from New York to Tennesse and on his first night in their new house he turns into a girl called Drew. His parents are delighted. Not only that but he/she has a whole record as a girl and is enrolled at the local high school.

His parents belong to a special human race that believe by changing that a better understanding of each other is possible and that human problems will subside because of it. Everybody who belongs to the Changers will change 4 times in their teenage years and then opt for the change that most suits them.

During the change Drew has a minder called Stacey who is to monitor progress, give advice and to instruct Drew on the Book of Change.

From being and thinking like a teenage boy to acting and being a teenage girl proves a shock to Ethan. Drew has breasts and gets a period, how will he cope with that. He is hit upon by boys.

Every night he has to keep a diary of how she is feeling and slowly he starts to get used to being a girl and doing girl things. Drew becomes a cheerleader at the local school, joins a rock band as a drummer and feels a strong attraction to a boy called Chase.

The Changers have several strict rules that read like the Ten Commandments and one of them is there is to be no relationships between Changers. Chase is a Changer too.

This is part one of a series by a husband and wife team so you get very good male and female points of view and lots of issues to work through.

This will be popular with teen readers, I was riveted.  Part 2 is on the way

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