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Kiwiana. NZ Treasures and Traditions by Dave Gunson

May 7, 2016

kiwianaKiwiana. NZ Treasures and Traditions by Dave Gunson. Pub. New Holland, 2016.

I opened this excellent non-fiction work in my lounge while my two young granddaughters were watching TV. Immediately the 6 year old shouted out that’s Kiwiana. We are studying this in school. That was the end of TV. The next hour we discussed Kiwiana and the girls identified all the images and subjects discussed in this splendid book.

What better recommendation?

Kiwiana is anything we say, do, eat, our customs, our habits and everything that defines us as New Zealander’s. It is not just a flag as some would have us believe.

We have jandals, buzzy bee, pavlova, hei tiki, santa parade, the All Blacks, the hangi and the corner dairy.  The best part for me was the language so “if you are going to the dunny don’t wear your sunnies or your jandals bro and don’t bring a plate until it is done and dusted?

The only thing that I would have like to see included  was a section on our music from Po Kari kari ana and Poi Eh through to Slice of heaven and Drink Yourself more Bliss. I remember a London Pub that was full of Kiwis. They played Slice of Heaven and the Kiwis  kept singing it outside on the footpath an hour after the pub was closed.

If you want an easy read with plenty of educational opportunities grab a Vogels sandwich, a packet of pineapple chunks, some wine gums a pavlova and wash it all down with L&P.

Every school and household should have this.

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