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Exploding Endings Bk2. Dingbats & lollypop Arms by Tim Harris

May 10, 2016

exploding endingsExploding Endings Bk2. Dingbats & lollypop Arms by Tim Harris. Pub. New Holland, 2016.

Australia seems to throw these great short story writers who tell poo bum wees short stories for primary and intermediate kids. Paul Jennings and Andy Griffiths have gone before, now it is Tim Harris.

This is part 2 of the Exploding Endings and there is a book 3 on the way.

Ten short stories and two running gag like stories make up this anthology and they are all out of the imagination from way beyond. It starts with 79 excuses for talking in class with the best being “its not me. I swallowed my ipod and it’s blurting out of my mouth”.

The Husky Busker provides a bit of the weird factor and the GPS Pest is about a mother who keeps track of her boy using GPS. very embarrassing.

The running gag stories are Left page versus Right page with a bit of biffo between the two and the Doctor genre in which a different type of Doctor treats the same boy for a bad cold. Lots of laughs in this.

Great for reluctant readers.


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