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Coming Home to Roost by Mary-Anne Scott.

May 24, 2016

home to roostComing Home to Roost by Mary-Anne Scott. Pub. Penguin Random House, 2016.

..”the thing about parents. They usually come to the party – it’s like it or lump it with kids…” If there is a definitive line in this novel than this is it.

Elliot is 17 and he’s cruising. After a spell away from home with a wild punk chick called Lena he is back with  an anarchist tattoo on his neck after a wild night with Lena. His parents are not happy and his father ships him off to live with an old navy mate, Arnie, in Wellington and train as an electrician.

Elliot is not well pleased but his family including brother Rick are. They regard Lena as a slut. Elliot knuckles under but on a return home for New Year’s eve party with his mates, Lena seeks him out again and has her wicked way in the back of a ute. It rained too.

a couple of months later the chickens come home to roost. Lena is pregnant and emphatic the the child is Elliot’s. Elliot tells Arnie and his mates but not his parents. Then there is an accident at work and the plot changes course.

Great story, great ending, very well structured and written, believable characters and strong themes for teenage readers. Get this it will be popular.

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