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Truly Tan. Hoodwinked by Jen Storer, Illus. Claire Robertson.

May 30, 2016

truly tanTruly Tan. Hoodwinked by Jen Storer, Illus. Claire Robertson. Pub. HarperCollins ABC Books, 2016.

This is the 5th book in this superb series for girls between the ages 7 – 11 years.

Tan is no ordinary grade 4 school girl. She is very observant, intelligent with a great sense of humour and is obssessed with mysteries and spying on people. She lives with her mum and dad who is a vet and has 3 sisters who are interesting cases themselves.

Truly Tan keeps a diary of her observations, suspisions and her daily life but with 3 sisters she needs to be wary of what she writes in her diary.

Tan has a best friend in Gloria  who always sees the best in people, she is a great leveller when Tan gets carried away. Her main enemy is Verity Crisp who is a bit domineering and uppity. They all live in a small Australian country town called Peppercorn Valley and they go to school together. School life is thrilling because of an irascible teacher called Miss Dragone.

When Verity Crisp’s cousin Ophelia comes to town and acts suspiciously Tan and Gloria are on the case. What will it reveal? Read the novel and find out.

Easy to read in seven Episodes with short chapters. A highlight is the explanation of words and phrases that are in common use but not always obvious in meaning.

Well illustrated by Claire Robertson whose drawings add depth and meaning to the characters in particular.

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