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Kanohi, Kararehe and Kakahu by Kitty Brown and Kirsten Parkinson

June 5, 2016

kanohiKanohi, Kararehe and Kakahu by Kitty Brown and Kirsten Parkinson. Pub. http://www.reopepi.co.nz  2016

These three Reo Pepi baby language board books are superb. Some of the finest bilingual books for all the whanau but especially for pre school children that i have ever come across.

Each has 8 pages that will withstand chewing and heaving about.

The written text is by Kitty Brown on every left facing page. The text consists  of a Maori Language phrase in dark black thick letters and below this is the English translation.

At the back of the book is a pronunciation Guide for the vowels both with and without macrons. Beside these is a three column Glossaryin Maori, how the words are phonetically pronounced and the English translation.

kakahuIt is the illustrations that are the star attraction of these bilingual pukapuka. Kirsten Parkinson’s whole page portaraits are perceptive, funny and warm. The colours are aptly chosen and the background details appropriate and without clutter.

Kanohi or My Face asks questions such as Kei hea to upoko or where is your head? and has a baby with hand on top of head. The nose, teeth, mouth, ears, tongue, eyes and lips are covered. delightful.

Kakahu or getting dressed has children putting on their tops, trousers, socks, jacket, hat, scarf,and shoes. All have delightful cheeky faces.

Kararehe or Animals features a sheep with wanto eyes, a proud colourful chicken, a dole eyed puppy, a knowing horse, a whimsical cat a rascally pig, a wary rabbit and a ho kararehehum cow. Superb illustrations.

Everyone could benefit from looking at these three titles. I hope there are more coming.

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