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Petunia Paris’s Parrot by Katie Haworth. illus. Jo Williamson

July 11, 2016

IMG_20160711_0002Petunia Paris’s Parrot by Katie Haworth. illus. Jo Williamson. Pub. Five mile Press, 2016.

Petunia Paris is rich beyond her wildest dreams. Her well meaning parents spoil her rotten because they can. Each birthday is special and she already has a swimming pool, a city of toys, thousands of dresses and a personal chauffeur.

On her 5th birthday she can’t think what to ask for so says I want a parrot please. She has heard that parrots talk and are good conversationalists but when she gets the parrot all the way from Peru it won’t say a thing. All it does is go Squarrk.

For over a year she persists without success and finally cracks. What do you want she yells at the parrot and he says “I want to go home”. So when birthday number six comes along guess what Petunia asks for?

Excellent read-a-loud for those that like to squarrk and  a happy open ending.

The illustrations are superb.Pastel coloured water colours of pink, grey and blue and a superb red and blue parrot with human like facial expressions. The ending is a blaze of colour.

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