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Super Rabbit by Stephanie Blake

July 19, 2016

super rabbitSuper Rabbit by Stephanie Blake. Pub. Gecko Press, 2016.

Simon the little rabbit of Poo Bum fame is growing up and testing life, as he should. He decides he is Super Rabbit but the cat is not so sure.

Simon tells his mother he is now Super Rabbit, steps outside in his super rabbit outfit and pop gun with cat in tow. Things are not going to go well as he enters a dark hole in a tree. A splinter in the finger and an operation by his mum tests little rabbit’s bravery.

Undeterred Super Rabbit is ready for villains again. Fantasy and imagination are great for children and this ticks all the boxes.

The format and the illustrations are the same as all the other books about little rabbit. Black font of varying sizes to emphasise points, on the left page, with bold colour illustrations on the right.

Get them all, children love to follow a series. It is comforting and reassuring. Other reviews of Simon’s exploits are on this blog.

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