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Grandad’s Wheelies by Jack Lasenby, illus. Bob Kerr

August 2, 2016

wheeliesGrandad’s Wheelies by Jack Lasenby, illus. Bob Kerr. Pub. Puffin, 2016.

Any children who have grandparents as imaginative and daring as Jack’s grandparents would be very lucky indeed. Jack’s grandparents can spin off a yarn and shaggy dog story at the expense of each other like dropping a hat.

This novel for primary and intermediate aged children is a collection of 30 over the top stories from New Zealand’s master of the tall story Jack Lasenby. Some of the stories have a legendary feel about them others cast light on a bygone age and others are just straight shaggy dog. All however are very funny and ingenious.

What’s more they give life to old people and their relationships with their grandchildren, one of the closest and dearest family relationships. Jack Lasenby is not going to let the wisdom and humorous experiences of granddad and granny be forgotten and grandson Jack is the winner. So is everyone who reads this book.

I liked all the stories but my favourite was Chapter 10 How we call things by Different Names. If you have ever yelled at the News or cringed at Aunt Daisy you will understand why.

As ever Bob Kerr supplies telling illustrations that enhance the fun of this book.

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