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It wasn’t Me by Michael Bond. Illus. Joel Stewart.

August 5, 2016

harry.jpgIt wasn’t Me by Michael Bond. Illus. Joel Stewart. Pub. Corgi Children’s, 2016

Harry is 9 years old and he is an inquisitive sort of boy. If he sees a sign saying Do Not Touch he just can’t resist. In a nutshell he is an accident waiting to happen and he drives his mother, father sister, grandparents and teacher to distraction.

When he turns up at his grandparents place for the school holidays grandfather says When do you go back? before he is even in the door.

The book is very perceptive about human behaviour. Have you ever noticed how your parents change when they are driving? Depends who is in the non driving seat you may have noticed. So does Harry.

The stories are hilarious and it seems the man who created Paddington bear has a grandson like Harry.

Easy to read for newly confident and confident readers. Would make a great read-a-loud.

Joel Stewart’s illustrations look familiar and always add something to the written text.

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