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Tiny Owl on the Ramshackle Farm by Lotte Wotherspoon

September 7, 2016

ramshackle-farmTiny Owl on the Ramshackle Farm by Lotte Wotherspoon. Pub. Clay Press, 2016.

Being scared of the dark is not an uncommon thing and tiny owl’s imagination goes into overdrive when he hears ordinary farm sounds in the dead of night. he imagines a snaggle-toothed monster and a farty-pants guts-gobbler stalking the farm below. A cat scratching and mewing in her bed towel evokes images  of a hoary-haired lice-licker.

Tiny owl needs to overcome his fears, after all owls hunt at night. Papa owl is on to it and with mother owl the three hungry owls fly high in the sky and swoop down on their prey.

Little owl having faced his fears is scared no more. Good message.

The text is rhyming but it is not forced and there is a repeated verse that children will memorise especially when being read aloud which the book demands.

The illustrations are in pen and ink and water colours. The owls are superb and there are some great images of the night monsters from little owls imagination, my favourite is the farty-pants guts-gobbler on his skateboard with his fancy shoes and scarf.

Juniors will love this.

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