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Mustang Ride by Kelly Wilson.

October 17, 2016

mustangMustang Ride by Kelly Wilson. Pub. Random House, 2016.

Horse lovers of all ages will get a lot of enjoyment from this true story of the Wilson sisters and how they competed by invitation in the Extreme Mustang Makeover in the USA.

The sisters Amanda, Vicki and Kelly had great success in taming Kaimanawa horses as shown on a TV series in new Zealand in 2015. A picture book of their success with a horse called Ranger is outlined below.

It must take great fortitude to still care for a horse after it has chucked you on the ground a few times but the sisters were above all that. They cared for the horses and showed patience and caring tactics to turn wild horses into horses that accepted humans and would allow them to feed, touch and ride them.

This story has the girls working with wild American Mustangs and traveling around the physically beautiful mid west cowboy states of Utah, Oregon, Idaho Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona. They even ride to the Grand canyon.

In America they met some great folk who helped the sisters in their quest and of course it all ends with a show jumping event. Amazingly they rode the horses through a MacDonalds drive through order lane to order some burgers and fries.

Lots of great horse talk and human kindness in this book with the country they rode through a character in it’s own right. Splendidly illustrated with photographs of the sisters working with the horses.

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