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Fox & Goldfish by Nils Pieters

October 26, 2016

fox-goldfishFox & Goldfish by Nils Pieters. Pub.Book Island, 2016.

Friendship is beyond words and the friendship between Fox and Goldfish is out there.

Fox sees that goldfish is not long for this world and considers goldfish has much to see before shaking off this mortal coil. Fox takes him on a journey carrying goldfish’s bowl in his arms, on his head, on a bike and dragged along on a little cart.

Goldfish is ecstatic. Perhaps he knows he is going to die? or does he?

Together fox and goldfish visit the forest, the sea and across the desert EasyRider style on  a cut down motorcycle. Mt Fuji and the jungle follow then it is Singing in the Rain. Up a mountain, skiing down, up to the moon and then as the sun sets Fox says “Ok my friend Now you can go”.

The epitaph is very moving. Read it and see.

Brilliant idea, even better illustrations. One of the best picture books this year.

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