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Hare by Deborah Hinde.

November 5, 2016

hareHare by Deborah Hind.  Pub paul.gpm@xtra.co.nz   2016. 

Harebrained as a word has been around since 1548 and I am sure we have come across a few in our life times.

Hare has lost a really good idea. Well he thinks he has but Hare is a lucky bunny. He has good friends and they all quiz him about the lost idea, then they go looking for it. Alas all is in vain.Then Hare has a good idea. Go back to the place where he last recalled having the good idea and see what happens.

The answer as always is right above him. See if you can guess what it is.

Well told but the stars of the book are the illustrations. They not only enhance the word text but they tell other stories of their own.e.g. tortoise is a worried little fella, he thinks it is another race and is quite relieved when it is not.

The illustrations are acrylic like colouring. Hare is wonderfully created with a range of quizzical expressions, duck and rooster are terrific creations. Hedgehog naturally hopes it isn’t a prickly idea but all creatures are bemused and relieved when Hare remembers.

Available from today at the above email address.

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