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Maui – Sun Catcher by Tim Tipene, Illus. Zak Waipara.

November 10, 2016

suncatcherMaui – Sun Catcher by Tim Tipene, Illus. Zak Waipara. Pub.Oratia Books, 2016.

The strength of any culture is how it changes and evolves with the changes in the modern world. Every New Zealander knows the story of how Maui and his brothers capture the sun and stop it moving too fast across the sky. I have known it for over 60 years and it was always a favourite.

This hard cover bilingual picture book retells this story in an urban setting with references to a different kind of struggle in a world where Maui his mum and his brothers have lived in the darkness too long.

Maui and his brothers are in modern super hero suits and Maui is still referred to as a trouble maker. Superb modern illustrations  from Zak Waipara  that will appeal to modern children .

The story ends with Maui deciding to go fishing. I wonder what he will catch?

Primary and intermediate in appeal but older students and adults could do with looking at this classy picture book. Good for studying the Maori language too.

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