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Fire Island. A Keri series book by Jenni Francis.

November 23, 2016

fire-islandFire Island. A Keri series book by Jenni Francis. Pub.  www.jennifrancis.com  2014.

Bullying is the major theme of this short readable novel for girls of Intermediate school age. See an earlier review elsewhere on this blog.

The setting is a school camp on a volcanic island, east coast North island.

There is an old saying that goes “if you hold your chin up you are also sticking your neck out”. Keri is an intelligent, gifted and brave girl of intermediate age who has fallen foul of her old friends who now bully her.

When Keri defends a 9 year old girl from Rochelle, Danielle and her gang of five it has repercussions for Keri and her friends on school camp.

Keri stands firm to the gang defending James, a nerdy boy who has talents that nobody expects, and her other friends. The teachers get it all wrong against accomplished liars and things look grim for Keri. There is a new girl with a problem, trouble on the water while sailing, a fire and a broken leg as well as the school camp activities.

Good adventure and much to ponder in Jenni Francis’s tightly written no nonsense narrative. The dialogue is particularly good.

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