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Bathtime for Little Rabbit by Jorg Muhle

January 31, 2017

little-bathBathtime for Little Rabbit by Jorg Muhle. Pub Gecko Press, 2017.

I love board books for pre- schoolers because they can be thrown around, chewed and even read-a-loud to youngsters.

This covers familiar territory for both parents and children and what’s better is that it is interactive. It allows the reader to help give Little rabbit a bath.

Get the bath ready with shampoo, towel and blow dryer.put the rabbit in, wash behind his ears, keep the soap and water out of his eyes, dry him off then blow dry his ears – if the dryer works.

Simple and expressive illustrations in primary colours.

Good fun and a huge seller in Germany and Europe as a whole. Get into it New Zealand it is brilliant. Also check out Help Wolf is Coming elsewhere on this blog.

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