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My Pictures after the storm by Eric Veille.

March 28, 2017

after stormMy Pictures after the storm by Eric Veille. Imprint Gecko Press, 2017.

What does an octopus look like after it has been stood on by and elephant? or a boys bedroom after two boys have played sword fights in it?

This French picture book is zany, it is clever, it is perceptive and it is gloriously funny. The front cover shows a lion after the wind has blown his mane all over the place and this establishes the pattern of this picture book.

But what really emphasises the humour are the eyes even on an inanimate object like a tractor or a gumboot and watering can. The illustrations are colourful and require no text but what text is written is concise and often enhances the humour.

This is a before and after picture book for the pre school and primary student. It is a great book for granddad or grandma to show their grandchildren or a parent to their youngsters. Adults will have a chuckle too.

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