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The Big Bad Mood by Tom Jamieson, illus. Olga Demidova.

May 31, 2017

bad moodThe Big Bad Mood by Tom Jamieson, illus. Olga Demidova. Pub. Bloomsbury, 2017.

If you could see a big bad mood, what would it look like? Well George is going to find out on a day when nothing is going right for him and he is in a right mood.

Mum says “there is a big mood hanging around you today George” so George goes looking for it and it makes him badder and moodier that ever. Then he finds the Mood and it takes him on  on a mischievous bender. They make  a big bad mood sandwich with pickles, cheese, ham, mustard and a sprinkle of shaved caterpillar legs.

It’s fun at first especially when they fill the swimming pool with jelly and custard but George tires of it because it is noisy and makes his friends unhappy. So the Big Bad Mood stomps off. But will George become a better person for his experiences and learn to say sorry?

Read it and find out for yourself.

Excellent colourful illustrations by Olga Demidova. The Big bad Mood is perfect and the World Famous Big Bad Mood Sandwich is a delight and almost edible for some.

Good positive message that tantrums and moods are not for ever and there is a price to pay. Great read-a-loud for pre- school and early primary children and good to have in the home for children to linger over.


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