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Where is Grandma? by Peter Schossow

June 30, 2017

where is grandmaWhere is Grandma? by Peter Schossow. Pub. Gecko Press, 2017.

I have never seen illustrations like those in this excellent picture book about a young boy Henry who gets lost in the hospital while visiting his grandma.

Each double page illustrations shows a side of hospital life from reception through the endless wards to triage, geriatrics, neo- natal, the basement and security until Henry finally finds grandma.

Henry gets lost because his minder is talking on her cell phone. How typical these days, many a sin is committed while others are on their cell phones.

Each illustration has big people with prominent noses, going about there lives in the hospital and accentuates the loneliness and trauma of being in such a place. The illustrations also reflect the cultural diversity of modern Germany.

Henry is bewildered yet interested in all he experiences until Grandma scolds him when security deliver him to her room, but she is delighted to see him.

The hospital environment is sterile and unwelcoming yet there is a moment of comic genius when Henry finds a friend who has a bean stuck up her nose. How did it get there? and what has happened to grandma?

Read it and find out, you will find it a unique experience.

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