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I Am Brian Wilson by Brian Wilson with Ben Greenman.

July 3, 2017

brian wilsonI Am Brian Wilson by Brian Wilson with Ben Greenman. Pub. 2016 Coronet.

George Martin called Brian Wilson a musical genius whose album with the Beach Boys titled Pet Sounds had a big influence on the Beatles classic Sergeant Pepper. God only Knows was Paul McCartney’s favourite song but for me it was Do It Again and the classic Crystals song Then I kissed Her.

Brian Wilson was a major influence in my musical life and in the history of rock music. You would never know that he was deaf in his right ear and that after taking LSD when he was 22 years old he started to hear voices that told him he was worthless, that he should give up and that they would kill him. He tried everything to get rid of them including therapy, drugs and alcohol all documented in this book.

Fortunately he heard other voices that created harmony and harmony was what Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys were all about. That Brian was able to manage his life is miraculous as he lost his two brothers Carl and Dennis, came under the influence of Doctor Landy who almost wrecked him and finally found his second wife Melinda who managed his moods and gave his life meaning.

Lots of music and songs in this book but do not expect an ordered chronological sequence of events. Brian can take you from 1963 to 1997 in the space of a sentence but it is all part of the man and for me it was riveting reading.

There is more to the book than this but you cannot help liking the man and it is all good vibrations in a little deuce coupe.

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