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Soda Pop by Barbro Lindgren, Illus. Lisen Adbage.

July 7, 2017

soda popSoda Pop by Barbro Lindgren, Illus. Lisen Adbage. Pub.Gecko Press, 2017.

You will never read another book like this in all your life unless you read it again. It is a translation of a 1970 Swedish children’s classic and it is just weird. In fact weird does not adequately describe it, but it is classic weirdness and absurdity and it is difficult to see anybody doing it better.

Soda Pop, (I know we have a character in the classic The Outsiders) wears bright orange clothes, a tea cosy on his head, plays loud pop music and cracks walnuts while lying on his back. He has a son Mazarin who has been brought up on sweet buns and love. Dartanyong is the grandfather and he is something different every day, one day a plumber the next a trapeze artist.

Their relatively stress free life is shattered when a group of hot dog eating tigers take up residence in their barn and red and yellow owls that live in the barn start sleeping in an old man’s letterbox causing him some distress.

I am not going to tell you any more except that it is a well loved classic in Sweden the nation that gave us vikings and ABBA. Need I say more.

Lisen Adbage’s illustrations help identify the characters and foster the absurdity.

Difficult to put a definite age group on this one just try it for yourself.

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