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Sky High by David Hill, Illus. Phoebe Morris

July 17, 2017

sky highSky High by David Hill, Illus. Phoebe Morris. Pub.Penguin Random House, 2017.

When Jean Batten flew back to Britain after setting the record for the journey from Britain to Australia the Press lauded her as “the girl who has beaten all the men” and again when she landed at Mangere Airport after a World record flight of 23, 000 Kilometers in 11 days 45 minutes she was named Hine-o-te-Rangi “daughter of the skies.”

She opened the Aviation Pioneers Pavilion at MOTAT in 1977 and then we forgot her. Five years after her death on the island of Majorca her death was discovered. What happened in between is a mystery.

Sensitively told by David Hill and dramatically illustrated by Phoebe Morris. Her first double page spread of a small plane tossing in the turbulent skies with the sight of New Zealand in the distance sets the standard.

These two worked together on Hillary’s story First to the Top and this is another winner.

For primary and intermediate students. There is a timeline of Jean Batten’s life in the back and the covers show a map of the World with Batten’s flights marked. No space wasted in this book.

A quality publication.



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