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Rugby League World by David Riley.

October 2, 2017

rugby league worldRugby League World by David Riley. Pub. Reading Warrior, 2017.

This 97 page easy to read book on Rugby league is full of interesting facts and figures about the history of the game plus all the big personalities from this part of the World including NZ, Australia, Papua new Guinea, Niue, Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Tokelau, Fiji, Maori players and includes the women’s league and the wheelchair game.

It is full of excellent photographs and statistics and with the Rugby league World Cup coming up it would be an excellent acquisition for league fans and the school library.

Did you know that league was invented in Northern England in 1895 so that the players could be paid. They reduced the teams to 13 a side. took out lineouts and replaced rucks and mauls with play the ball.

New Zealand toured UK with a league team full of ex All Blacks in 1907 who felt that players should be paid considering the money raised by huge crowds at the games. The English insisted on calling them the All Blacks and it wasn’t until 1938 that they became the Kiwis.

NRL and state of Origin football is also presented and each country has a top 13 of all time named plus legends of the game. See if you know the answers to these questions – who is the only player to have won World cup medals in both rugby League and rugby Union? What nationality is Manu Vatuvei? Who was the first captain of the Warriors? What new trophy will this years World league Cup be played for? The answers are in the book.

It is an impressive volume with easy text and is sure to keep sport minded, reluctant reader boys interested. Don’t miss this one.

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