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The Old man by Sarah V & Claude K. Dubois

March 6, 2018

old manThe Old man by Sarah V & Claude K. Dubois. Pub. Gecko Press, 2018.

Do not pass by this book like adults who pass by the old man living on the street who has forgotten his own name. We pretend we do not notice, but we do, it’s just too uncomfortable.

Children notice as does the little girl in this story. She gets out of a warm bed, has breakfast, gets ready for school and there he is sleeping on the footpath after a cold night.

We now follow him around as he hunts for food and any form of companionship and warmth and it is not a pleasant experience. But they are there and there are more of them everyday.

The little girl notices him on the way back, gives him her sandwich. It is the highlight of his day. She says he looks like a teddy. The next time the old man is down at the shelter he says his name is Teddy.

The sadness and reality of homelessness is powerfully brought home in this classy picture book. The illustrations in watercolour and pencil drawings are superb. They create the hopefulness of children and the hopelessness of the old man, in winter, in the city.

When will we take notice?

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