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Goat’s Coat by Tom Percival Illus. Christine Pym.

May 16, 2018

goats coatGoat’s Coat by Tom Percival Illus. Christine Pym. Pub. Bloomsbury, 2018.

Goat is a good guy with a caring attitude towards his fellow man or animals in this case. He is also well chuffed with his new coat which has a collar “the colour of freshly cut grass”. Just the thing to keep him warm and to proudly show off to his friends.

Goat however is bigger than his pride. When a family of frogs, a kitten and a chick get in a spot of bother Goat uses his coat to sort it out, at his own expense. As the coat shrinks, the weather worsens and goat is in trouble himself.

Ah but his friends remember. I wonder what they will do? Read it and find out.

This is the world the way it should be.

Great bright colourful illustrations and rhyming text. A great read-aloud and discussion starter for juniors.

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