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Woolly Wally by Dawn McMillan, illus. Ross Kinnard.

June 22, 2018

woolly wallyWoolly Wally by Dawn McMillan, illus. Ross Kinnard. Pub. Oratia Books, 2018.

This picture book  is truly New Zealand, it is a good laugh from start to finish and will appeal to children and adults equally.

We have all met big heads that love themselves and Wally the ram is one of these. He has a magnificent fleece of wool, impressive horns and will father all the lambs born on the farm. That is until the shearers come and everything changes. Read it and find out how.

Dawn McMillan’s rhyming text tells the story and cements the humour but she does get away with an outrageous line “But best of all, when spring comes, all ewes girls will be mums”. My English teacher would have crucified me for that.

Ross Kinnaird’s illustrations are perfect. He makes Wally a pretty boy but not that pretty. Those teeth. Still the female sheep think he is bewetiful. Sorry about that.

Miss this one and you will kick yourself.

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