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Sports are Fantastic Fun! by Ole Konnecke.

June 30, 2018

sportsSports are Fantastic Fun! by Ole Konnecke. Pub. Gecko Press, 2018.

This picture book sized publication is a celebration of different sports. Some of the sports are prominent like football, rugby, tennis, cricket and basketball but some are on the fringes like arm wrestling, skiing, gymnastics, ballet, surfing and golf.

But they are all fantastic with Ole Konnecke giving you the basic facts and drawing out some of the quirky things about the sport. eg  Ice hockey has 4 referees to make sure the players who always fight are playing by the rules.

In downhill ski jumping birds on skis are deemed to be cheating and in basketball height is considered to be an asset so don’t let a giraffe or an elephant play.

All sports are humerously illustrated and the message is it is fun to play sports.

Get off your cell phones and playstations, read this book, and play sport. It is good for you.

For kids of all ages.

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