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Never, Ever, Ever, Give Up? A memoir by John Hellemans.

September 9, 2018

never give upNever, Ever, Ever, Give Up? A memoir by John Hellemans. Pub. Canterbury University press, 2018.

If you ever need some inspiration to keep going, no matter what sport or activity you are involved in, read this memoir by John Hellemans.

John is a staunch Dutchman who was seduced by the New Zealand environment and became one of the fathers of the tri- sport event once called Ironman and now known as triathalon.

This is the story of how his upbringing led him to the sport of triathalon just as it had led him to the profession of a doctor. John was a fierce competitor, a no nonsense coach who you either loved or hated. He coached many fine athletes including Erin Baker who was out of the top draw, plus Andrea Hewitt and Kris Gemmell who he called wonderboy.

He learned as a coach that a spontaneous comment can sometimes have more impact than a well thought out sermon and that in competition if you are not well prepared or your head isn’t in it, you are not going to be a champion.

He writes in the same no nonsense manner that he competed with and at times it is hilarious. Chapter 4 titled Trials and Tribulations is a must for any sporting buff. He deals with the technology of the Triathalon particularly the cycling leg. You will learn about aero neck, about drafting, about blood doping and about the aerodynamics of racing.

It is a fascinating book for this “silver fox” of the triathalon who has played a significant role in elevating this prince of sports endurance to Olympic level.

There is more to this book than that but you will have to read it to find that out.

As byword to my review read the story of John’s experience at the age of 60, running the Hawaii Ironman when he hit the wall on the barren lava flows 4 kilometers from the end. What drama!

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