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Rivers. A Visual History from River to Sea by Peter Goes

September 16, 2018

riversRivers. A Visual History from River to Sea by Peter Goes. Pub. Gecko Press, 2018

This is another big, big book in fact it’s as mighty as the rivers of the World that it talks about. Understanding rivers helps the understanding of people and animals that live in the river and along it’s banks.

All the great rivers of the world are covered like the Ganges, the Amazon, the Mississippi, the Nile, the Congo, the Yangzte, the Danube and the Rhine plus many others from all the Continents.

All the information about the history, civilisations, flora and fauna of each river is given in little pockets of data on a map of the country or continent that the river inhabits. I say inhabit because rivers are living things and without them humankind would be poorer for it.

I love rivers and have been across or sailed down more than 20 of them so this book was a fascination for me. I was pleased to see that the mighty Waikato is featured as are the rivers of Australia and there are some that few of you will know about.

Do you know where the Fly River is? It was named after the ship of a British naval officer in 1845. I wonder too if you know the largest river in Antarctica which flows only in the summer?

Fascinating stuff from the author of Timelines which is reviewed elsewhere on this blog. Check this brilliant big book out it will not disappoint you. Essential for school libraries.

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