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Up the Mountain by Marianne Dubuc.

October 19, 2018

up the mountainUp the Mountain by Marianne Dubuc. Pub. Book Island, 2018.

There is something comforting and assuring about a Marianne Dubuc book and so it is with this one. Once again she deals with the routine in peoples lives and the cyclic nature of the way we do things.

The lion and the Bird reviewed earlier on this blog dealt with the seasonal cycle and routines, this hardback picture book deals with life routines as we age and there is more than a little Karma involved.

Mrs Badger is old but she has a lovely cottage with memories all around her and every Sunday she follows the track outside her cottage and walks to the top of the mountain behind her home. On the way she greets all the animals that inhabit her environment and best of all they greet her.

She sees a little cat watching her eat and invites it over to share her meal and accompany her to the top of the mountain. It is a wondrous view. As she gets old she needs help and eventually cannot make the walk but cat has learnt much from Mrs Badger and continues as Mrs badger had. How comforting and beautiful.

Splendid illustrations accompany and enhance the written text and there is much in the illustrations that will make you smile.

A gem of a story for newly confident readers and for everybody really. If only life was like this, though it could be if we tried.

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