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Mini Whinny by Stacy Gregg, illus. Ruth Paul.

October 26, 2018

mini whinny.jpgMini Whinny by Stacy Gregg, illus. Ruth Paul. Pub. Scholastic, 2018.

Cute little pony Mini Whinny has never had a birthday of her own simply because she is a horse. You see all horses have the same birthday on August 1st. I think it is to do with the racing industry.

As all the horses in the stable prepare for the big day Mini Whinny sulks, rolls in the mud and feels sorry for herself. Come the night when all the other horses are fast asleep Mini Whinny decides to have a party of her own.

Catastrophe! What will all the other horses say and do? Not to fear, Palomina Mini’s mum has the solution. Read it and find out what.

Stacy Gregg knows horses and while this is her first picture book the text is full of horse sense. Ruth Paul is an accomplished illustrator and she captures the essence of horse to a T. Mini Whinny will make you go aaaah. The eyes of the horses are particularly attractive, the horse does have the biggest eye of all the land animals.

For children 3-7 mainly girls I would suggest but you never know. Good read-a-loud.

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