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Oink by David Elliot.

November 3, 2018

oinkOink by David Elliot. Pub. Gecko Press, 2018.

Apart from the odd animal noise and a few Knock Knocks this is ostensibly a wordless picture book and a very good one.

Pigs are clever animals, Winston Churchill once said of them that they want to be your equal. The pig in this book just wants to have a bath on his own. He sets the bath up, lies in it contentedly then horse, cow and sheep join him in the bath much to his chagrin.

How do you get them out? Well there is one sure way and pig nails it. Guess what it is?

Brilliantly illustrated. The facial images of all the animals are stunning and pigs contented smirk at the end is a gem.

The best thing about wordless picture books is that the reader can describe what is happening in their own words. Children will get great delight in explaining this story.


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