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Bullseye Bella by James T. Guthrie

March 11, 2019

bullseyeBullseye Bella by James T. Guthrie. Pub. Scholastic, 2019.

I have never read a children’s book about darts before and this is double tops. It is three in the bed for 180 and a nine dart finish. No mention of a Shanghai but I guess a 12 year old girl cannot do everything.

Yes Bella is 12 years old and is a superb darts player. Her maths is a bit dodgy at times but she can throw a straight arrow and learns with experience to ignore the often barbed comments coming from other competitors. I mean who wants to lose to a 12 year old girl?

Well the boys have to get used to it, some graciously some not so well.

Bella comes from a split family and she has an Asperger’s syndrome brother called Max who goes by the name Blackbeard. Max is 9 years old, adores his sister and needs the care of a special school. Bella’s mom doesn’t have the money and Bella tries her luck at the local pub darts competition.

Success does not come swiftly or easily but she does get the chance to play for the National Title. See how she gets on and what will Social services do when they find out Bella has been playing in the pub without her mothers knowledge.

Well written in an easy style, with good values and plenty of drama. For primary and intermediate students.

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