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Monkey on the Run by Leo Timmers

June 30, 2019

monkeyMonkey on the Run by Leo Timmers. Pub. Gecko Press, 2019.

Wordless picture books are a very valuable education tool especially if you are learning another language. They give you an opportunity to describe what you see, with as many words as you know, and there are no right or wrong answers.

Leo Timmers has created a gem with this picture book.

Father is taking young monkey home and he runs into a traffic problem. Young monkey leaps off onto a fir engine driven by a rhinoceros and using a snake as a fire hose. The goats house is on fire and the whole thing is being filmed live by a TV station.

From there on it gets more bizarre but you will have to read it yourself to find out the rest. he does get home eventually but it seems that he goes around in a circle. See what you think.

Sophisticated yet simple. Other Leo Timmers books are reviewed on this blog.

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