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On The Brink by Maria Gill, illus.Terry Fitzgibbon.

July 3, 2019

brinkOn The Brink by Maria Gill, illus.Terry Fitzgibbon. Pub. new Holland, 2019.

The bench mark for any non fiction work is “can you get better information at the right level on the Internet?” The answer for this work is No. It is simply put accurate information, laid out in an easy to follow manner and superbly illustrated.

It’s aim is to lay the facts about endangered species in New Zealand before the reader and gives the reasons why they are endangered and what is needed to save the species from extinction. Like global warming it is vital to our survival on this planet.

Birds, insects, marine life, reptiles, fish, frogs and bats, are all covered. The point is will the 45 NZ fairy terns, 55 Maui dolphins, 300 Hamilton’s frogs, 250 lowland longjawed Galaxia’s and an unknown number of Mokohinau Stag beetles survive another 10-15 years. Plus the top 5 in all catagories.

They had better because sooner or later human may become endanger themselves.

Superbly illustrated by Terry Fitzgibbon with drawings of each creature.

Essential for all school libraries and great to have in the home.

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