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Space on Earth by Dr. Sheila Kanani.

August 9, 2019

space on earthSpace on Earth by Dr. Sheila Kanani. Pub. Alma books Ltd, 2019.

A riveting non fiction book with large font and easy to read chapters concerning the spinoff technology from the Space programme that has enhanced life on earth.

I will tell you briefly about three things that we take for granted now and owe greatly to the Space programme.

Firstly taking selfies is a national pastime. The minute camera in a cell phone was developed from the need to have precise, quality photographs from outer space.

Secondly artificial limbs were developed from the need to have robotic arms that could do precision jobs while floating in space as on the international Space station. Did you know that they built an artificial leg for an elephant whose leg was blown off by a land mine?

Thirdly swim suit designs and fabric. Did you know that a suit made from a fabric used in space suits enabled swimmers to go so fast that they banned them?

Read all about the way other space technology has affected the way we live and survive on this planet. Imagine the world without satellite technology in communication and the GPS system.

fascinating reading for those readers not into fiction of intermediate and junior high age.school


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