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The NZ Series. Volcanoes & Earthquakes by Gordon Ell & Sarah Ell.

September 2, 2019

volcanoesThe NZ Series. Volcanoes & Earthquakes by Gordon Ell & Sarah Ell. Pub. Oratia, 2019.

This non fiction work is part of a new series that looks at what makes New Zealand what it is. This deals with the tectonic forces that have shaped New Zealand and given it a natural beauty that is looked on with awe by other countries.

We are on a boundary called the Pacific ring of fire due to the fact that two giant plates – The Australian Plate and the Pacific plate are grinding next to each other, where this happens magma from the central core of the planet ekes out as volcanoes and the grinding causes earthquakes.

With photographs maps and diagrams these forces are shown and the resultant landscapes are displayed in a professional yet simple way so that primary and intermediate students can easily understand. useful too at high school level. All Nz’s active volcanoes are described and some of the giant episodes from the geological past such as Taupo and Banks Peninsula

Some interesting facts emerge like there are 50 volcanoes in the city of Auckland and they are due to go off in at any time. Better sell up now. It also looks at recent earthquakes in Christchurch and Kaikoura and there is a prophetic photograph of Christchurch cathedral in 1889 with it’s spire broken as a result of an earthquake.

We are not called the Shakey Isles for nothing. Better than any Internet search.

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