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What Can Possibly go Wrong? by John & Michelle Hotham.

September 20, 2019

possibly wrongWhat Can Possibly go Wrong? by John & Michelle Hotham. Pub. Shugar Print New Zealand, 2019.

Ever done something stupid that you regret, and wished you had thought more about it before you started? Things like standing up in the bath, patting a dog that you don’t know, sticking a knife into a power point, using power tools without permission or walking into something while reading your cell phone.

Well this health and safety book for kids and their parents will get you to discuss and think about things that are potentially hazardous to you and everybody around you.

There are 14 scenarios to consider and whats more they are all entertainingly presented

both in picture and in rhyming verse.

Stranger danger, medicine cabinets and playing with a ball inside are also done well. Aimed at 3-9 year olds it certainly has application at older levels, at school and in the home.

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