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My New Red Car by David Minty.

October 7, 2019

red carMy New Red Car by David Minty. Pub. Mintybooks.co.nz, 2019.

I read this book the way I read all picture books. I blocked out the text and looked at the illustrations first to see what they told me.

From this I saw that it was about colours and particularly about red cars. There seemed to be a lot of red cars in a state of destruction or in precarious positions such as up a tree or flattened or in power lines. Then I saw a dinosaur like monster with the outline of a car stuck in it’s neck.

Then I read the text and it all came together. Yellow square has a red car which he wants to show to yellow square with goggles but it is missing. Where can it be? I think you can guess from the last paragraph.

They get the car back but it’s a bit smelly. I wonder why? But the yellow squares have suddenly turned brown when inside the red car. You work it out.

I enjoyed the mystery of the picture book and loved the way it used space. Simple text and bright colours. Go see for yourself

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