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Pea + Nut by Matt Stanton.

November 5, 2019

pea nutPea + Nut by Matt Stanton. Pub. ABC Books, 2019.

How can you pit a panda called Pea, who likes her own space against a pink flamingo called Nut, who can twist his neck around, in a cake baking competition?

Well Matt Stanton is no stranger to the absurd.

Nut is sure he would win “they’d put mine on display. and yours in the bin!”. Pea has a calm cunning disposition and she dupes Nut into going large and tall and of course he comes a gutsa.

Superb illustrations, Nut and Pea are ingenious creations and the rhyming text that will make you laugh with it’s cleverness.

Great read-a-loud for juniors and will put a smile on the face of elders.

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