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Alekizou by Nancy Turgeon, Illus Patricia Cullen Raine.

February 18, 2020

AlekizouAlekizou by Nancy Turgeon, Illus Patricia Cullen Raine. Pub. City of light Publishing Buffalo NY. 2020.

This is for the story tellers and actors amongst you, who like to read aloud to children in the junior classes. A good reader could make this story come alive.

Structurely it is really a nonsense poem with a lot of sense. It looks at reading and writing and pits an illiterate character called Alekizou against the power of libraries and reading.

Alekizou sits in his mountain lair with wise owl as a friend and mentor and looks at the library in the town and wonders what is in there. Alekizou cannot read and didn’t fancy school at all. He goes down to the library and creates mischief by taking all the vowels out of the words in books.

The children are onto him and help change his attitude. A good message.

While the rhyming text dominates the story, the rhyme is not always easy but it is intelligible. The bright coloured illustrations are superb though, with bright eyed children. Alekizou is some character with his square head and big letters for arms and legs and a mournful face.

Any book that promotes reading is a good book as far as I am concerned.

Not released until 6 April 2020.

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