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The Fire Fox by Esther Remnant and Mike Gwyther.

June 19, 2020

fire foxThe Fire Fox by Esther Remnant and Mike Gwyther. Pub. Wild Tales, Imprint CopyPress, 2020.

A very classy picture book adapted from a finnish folk tale about the aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

A young boy whose friend is a bird he can hold in the palm of his hand, wander the wilderness of the Arctic and seeing the sights that dwell there.

One night the wind changed and “a wet black nose and some curious toes parted the shadows at the edge of the forest”. The boy and bird follow the fox who legend has it sweeps snow into the heavens with his tail to cause the northern lights.

Read this picture book and see what happens here and admire the superb linocut prints by Esther Remnant that are the illustrations that tell this story. Some of the best art work i have seen in a picture book. Breath taking in fact.

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