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NEANDS by Dan Salmon. Pub. Onetree House, 2020.

October 6, 2020

Pru, Ivy and Charlie are all 14 years old and their parents are all scientists or archeologists who knew each other and they have disappeared.

The World they live in is hostile to science and it is changing as people are turning into neanderthals. They are getting hairy, their skulls are thickening they are losing language and their knuckles are starting to drag along the ground. Worse still they are hostile to other humans.

The cause for change seems to be viral but is it true? and can it be stopped? or is the whole human population destined for extinction?

Charlie tells the story after his parents disappear and school friends start the change to a NEAND as he calls them.

Pru, Ivy and Charlie look for safety and survival in this new World.

The science is interesting and the prose is very descriptive. Ivy says a very interesting thing “I spent my whole life trying to be Maori and now I’d just settle for staying human”.

Has everybody got a Neanderthal gene in them and can this under certain circumstances be triggered turning humans into NEANDS.

An interesting read especially since the Covid 19 virus is currently playing havoc with the Globe.

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