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Inside Bubble Earth. Climate Change by Des Hunt. Pub. OneTree House for Creative NZ, 2021.

June 22, 2021

This non fiction work for Intermediate and high school students clearly explains the science behind the causes of climate change, global warming and what can be done to avoid the major crisis that will effect all life on Earth.

It looks at our planet as a bubble using the Covid pandemic term that children are familiar with. Des Hunt shows how the resources that are on Earth especially those involved with Carbon, and that is all of life, are finite. They are neither lost or gained unless something from outer space interferes. He shows that all life is dependent on each other. Plants use carbon compounds by combining them with sun light and chlorophyll to produce sugars and return oxygen to the atmosphere. They also store carbon that becomes oil, gas and coal and have done so over the millions of years that Earth has existed.

Human beings have severely upset the balance particularly over the last 200 years by using up all the stored carbon and released it to the atmosphere. In 2020 humans inside Bubble earth used up 9 years of carbon storage in two minutes. The only energy we have coming into our bubble is that from the sun.

This excellent book also looks at the signs of global warming and climate change and the warming of the oceans and melting of the icecaps. The rise in sea levels, the once in 100 years climate events and the importance of the icecaps in reflecting a lot of energy from the sun back into space.

Carbon footprints of us all as individuals is discussed, what we can do about it and energy sources that we can use that is better for our bubble.

Well illustrated, simply explained, the details of the science and the chemical reactions, it is all there and anybody who doesn’t after reading this book is just plum ignorant. We have the next 40 years to sort it and for future generations it must be fixed. Don’t miss this excellent work.

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