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Phantom of Terawhiti by Des Hunt

March 19, 2013 Comments off

terawhitiPhantom of Terawhiti by Des Hunt. Pub. HarperCollins, 2013.

An adventure in the wild west coast of Wellington with an animal conservation message.

A Russian billionaire’s yacht has been wrecked in a storm and a rare white serval has come ashore.Pre teen Zac is hiding out with his father on the Terawhiti estate to escape business associates who are after his hide. He discovers the wreck and notes a large catlike footprint in the sand.

He discovers an electronic ball that plays balalaika music with teeth marks all over it. What can this mean?

Jess, the farm estate managers daughter befriends Zac and they discover the white serval which responds to the musical ball in a friendly way.

Rumours get around that a wild cat is loose in the Terawhiti and hunters come. There are also two Russian thugs out for the kill and the adventure heightens when it is discovered that the serval named Tasha is having kittens.

More of the same from Des Hunt but he does describe the Rough country well and it is a compelling adventure story for primary and intermediate students.