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Moana’s Song by Trish Shirley

July 8, 2014 Comments off

Moana's songMoana’s Song by Trish Shirley. Pub. Merrybrook Publishing, 2014.

This short novel is raw emotion, powerfully yet simply written and told. A story of resolution and hope that will move you.

Janey is 15 and lives with her mother, step father Steve,who is absolutely brilliant, and her half sister and brother. Janey has never felt right about her position in the family and when her mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer she is sent off to meet the father, Mitch, that she hasn’t met for 10 years.

Janey’s mother has not been honest with her and the last thing she remembers about her father is waiting by the phone on her 5th birthday waiting for his call. It never came.

Ten years of resentment had built up inside her and when she meets her father things are cold and tense but not from her father’s side. Everybody has their own story and this is a story of what is not known rather that what is known and it all has to come out.

Mistakes have been made, the hurt runs deep yet Trish Shirley ties it up beautifully. You will laugh and cry. Seldom have I read a self published book that has been so assuredly written. Not a word out of place not a string left untied.

The character of Moana is a unique one. A ship in the backyard of Janey’s fathers property with omnipotent qualities and sensible argument when the chips are really down.

There is a lot more to this novel than what I have told you here, I will leave it to you to find out. An outstanding short novel for teenagers and young adults. An emotional rollercoaster. To purchase contact  .