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Lola Dutch. When I Grow Up by Kenneth & Sarah Jane Wright

January 25, 2019 Comments off

lola dutchLola Dutch. When I Grow Up by Kenneth & Sarah Jane Wright. Pub. Bloomsbury, 2019.

Lola Dutch is inventive, she is imaginative and best of all she is confident. She puts her mind to the task of deciding what she is going to do when she grows up.

She tests her ideas out on her animal friends – Bear, crocodile, pig and crane. They of course let her run with her ideas and help her in every way possible as she imagines being on the stage, an inventor, a botanist an Egyptologist and many other things.

Bear puts his finger on the pulse “Lola what do you want to be right now?” Lola’s answer is the key to the whole story. Check it and find out why.

Simple text, complimentary water colour illustrations and a heroine to be admired.

All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold, illus. Suzanne Kaufman

January 20, 2019 Comments off

all welcomeAll Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold, illus. Suzanne Kaufman. Pub. Bloomsbury, 2019.

This is a read-a-loud picture book that celebrates cultural diversity through the eyes of children in the classroom.

While adults do not seem to embrace cultural difference in this hectic World we live in, for children it is a different story. Kids just get on with it celebrating similarities rather than differences in dress, food, habits, language and religion. Whether you wear a hijab or a baseball cap it doesn’t matter.

The front cover shows 12 different cultures and the back page has welcome in 24 languages. In between the play in the classroom it is stressed All are welcome. You have a place here. We can learn from each other.

The simple illustrations highlight the differences in culture and the similarities in needs and in relationships.

All schools and families need to have this picture book. Children are the future and adults just have to get it together to make a better World.

OH No! Look what the Cat dragged in by Joy H. Davidson, illus. Jenny Cooper.

December 13, 2018 Comments off

cat dragged inOH No! Look what the Cat dragged in by Joy H. Davidson, illus. Jenny Cooper. Pub. DHD Publishing, Imprint Lighthouse Press, 2018.

If you are the owner of a cat who has presented you with a dead bird or mouse on the doorstep and had a smug pleased look on it’s face, then this is the book for you.

Joy Davidson has told a story in rhyming text with a repeated chorus that is over the top and very funny. Grandma’s big black cat on Monday left a big smelly rat on the rug along with a hedgehog and a big brown shiny cockroach. Oh No!

On the other days of the week the nightly catch gets bigger and more bizarre. It is a days of the week book too. But on Sunday things have changed. Read the book and see why.

Splendid illustrations by Jenny Cooper. The cat is a pearler.

For juniors and pre schoolers. A great read-a-loud.

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Stuck in Poo and Gumboot Stomp by Samantha Laugeson, illus. Kat Merewether.

December 4, 2018 Comments off

stuck pooStuck in Poo and Gumboot Stomp by Samantha Laugeson, illus. Kat Merewether. Pub Luke the Pook Press, Imprint Lighthouse press, 2018.

If it weren’t for you gumboots where would you be? Little Ted knows that and he loves his red band gumboots but he has a rival. Yes it is Luke the Pook that carefree pukeko who fancies the boots himself.

Ted sleeps in so Luke puts them on and goes splashing through puddles and having great fun. Then he meets one of Mrs Moo’s big pancake shaped poos. He jumps in and gets stuck. What is he going to do? He can’t get out and Ted will be up  soon. Check it out to see what happens.

gumbootIn Gumboot Stomp Luke the Pook has not forgotten his earlier experience and dreams about having a pair of gumboots himself to go stomping about.  If he had new gumboots his feet would smell sweet.

He makes up the Stomping song and fantasises about what he would do and you’ve guessed it , it involves stomping in poo.

Both picture books are great read-a-louds and Kat Merewether has captured the fun with her illustrations. Life is a ball on Cow Pat Creek.

Pre schoolers and juniors will have fun with these two titles.


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Hedgehog Howdedo by Lynley Dodd

December 2, 2018 Comments off

hedgehogHedgehog Howdedo by Lynley Dodd. Pub. Puffin Books, 2018.

All the encounters I have had with hedgehogs have been joyful experiences. I love their eyes, their spines and their demeanor. How great it is to read this new Board book of the picture book first published in 2000.

The hedgehogs are preparing for hibernation and they can be found all over the garden “four are on the compost heap,five beside the shed and six are sweetly snoozing in the Cockleberry bed”. The rhyming text makes it a great read-a-loud.

This board book is also a counting book but it is the illustrations of the hedgehogs that make you go awwww. The facial expressions are a delight.

A great way to start reading and the enjoyment of books for pre schoolers and juniors. Babies can chew to their hearts content.

Keep Fit Kiwi. Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes by Lynette Evans, illus. Steve Mahardhike, Sung by Pio Terei, Maori lyrics by Ngaere Roberts.

December 1, 2018 Comments off

fit kiwiKeep Fit Kiwi. Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes by Lynette Evans, illus. Steve Mahardhike, Sung by Pio Terei, Maori lyrics by Ngaere Roberts. Pub. Scholastic, 2018.

Scholastic are becoming noted for their children’s books that catch onto popular songs that can be sung by children and combining it with a way to learn and understand Maori language. But better still they are fun.

In this one kiwi, lamb puppy, alpaca and rabbit are put through their fitness paces while singing the lyrics to head and shoulders, knees and toes. Then they do the whole thing again in Maori language.

The illustrations are happy and funny and the song is easy to follow and well sung by Pio Terei.

Great for Xmas and a useful tool in the classroom.

Snow Penguin by Tony Mitton, illus. Alison Brown.

November 27, 2018 Comments off

snow penguinSnow Penguin by Tony Mitton, illus. Alison Brown. Pub. Bloomsbury, 2018.

Little penguin can never stay still, he’s always in search of excitement and thrill, so begins this lovely picture book for juniors that will teach them about the Antarctic animal environment and the meaning and comfort of home.

Little penguin meets a blue whale mother and calf, a school of orca, an elephant seal, a sea lion and cub but gets lost at the same time. Where is his family? Will he get back safely? Check it out and see what happens.

Clever rhyming text by Tony Mitton makes this a great read-a-loud, with Alison Browns illustrations sure to evoke the awww factor.

A great little happy publication.