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I’ve Broken My Bum! by Dawn McMillan, illus. Ross Kinnaird

October 1, 2019 Comments off

broken bumI’ve Broken My Bum! by Dawn McMillan, illus. Ross Kinnaird. Pub. Oratia, 2019.

The boy has crashed his bike and broken his bum. It is in pieces and all the bits are on the floor.

He collects them all together on a tray and glues them all back, but there is still a crack. Never mind he presses the bum back on but the tray is stuck to it. What can he do?

Then he discovers that having a tray stuck to your bum has it’s advantages. Read it and see what happens.

Rhyming text accentuates the hilarity of the situation and Ross Kinnaird milks every scenario to the fullest degree with his superb illustrations.

I sure fire hit with reluctant readers at junior/ primary level especially boys. Get that Scottish granny to read this on line too.

The Girl and the Dinosaur by Hollie Hughes Illus. Sarah Massini

September 30, 2019 Comments off

girl dinosaurThe Girl and the Dinosaur by Hollie Hughes Illus. Sarah Massini. Pub. Bloomsbury, 2019.

From ordinary events can come great dreams and imagination. Marianne digs for bones in the sand on the beach. She looks lonely to the fisher folk who frequent the coast and they wish she had friends.

Marianne however is content and at night she dreams great fantasy of the dinosaur bones she finds coming alive. She rides with the dinosaur to a land in the sky and sees unicorns fairies and a party place for children and their dreams.

When morning comes Marianne is found digging for bones on the beach but this time with other children.

Rhyming text is enhanced greatly by simple water colour illustrations that reflect the loneliness of Marianne at the start and tell their own fantasy story when she dreams.

A good writing team this one. For juniors and primary level.

I Go Quiet by David Ouimet

September 25, 2019 Comments off

I go quietI Go Quiet by David Ouimet. Pub. canongate Books Ltd imprint Allen & Unwin, 2019.

When this book came through my mail box I took one look at it and said to myself “read it now”. The cover has immediate impact.

It begins with a girl who feels lost, alone and misunderstood in the world she lives in. She wanders through this old world with a feel of the Industrial revolution, sometimes wearing a mouse mask. All the people in this picture book wear mouse masks and look insignificant in the world they are in.

As the book progresses the girl begins to feel she does belong and does have a future as her imagination takes over and her knowledge of reading books gives her power.

Stunning messageĀ  written with text that is almost poetry. The illustrations are equally stunning and at times have a filmic quality. The world the girl lives in looks horrible but she finds hope for the future.

If this is not the best picture book of the year I want to see the one that is.

For everyone butĀ  sophisticated readers will see it’s power.

Rugby 1 2 3. Whutuporo Tahi Rua Toru by Thalia Kehoe Rowden, illus. Myles Lawford. Na Ngaere Roberts i Whakamaori.

September 11, 2019 Comments off

rugby 123Rugby 1 2 3. Whutuporo Tahi Rua Toru by Thalia Kehoe Rowden, illus. Myles Lawford. Na Ngaere Roberts i Whakamaori. Pub. Scholastic, 2019.

What better way to celebrate Maori Language week and on the eve of the Rugby World Cup, than a bi-lingual picture book on rugby and counting.

It celebrates the playing and supporting of the game of rugby at school level in New Zealand/Aotearoa and counting up to 10. The text rhymes and the illustrations are positive, racially and gender balanced, and it is fun.

One of the best.

Whakarongo ki o Tupuna. Listen to your Ancestors by Darryn Joseph, illus. Munro Te Whata.

September 9, 2019 Comments off

WhakarongoWhakarongo ki o Tupuna. Listen to your Ancestors by Darryn Joseph, illus. Munro Te Whata. Pub. Oratia, 2019.

a heart felt picture book that follows the life of a teacher as she tells her students to basically be cool. Respect your ancestors and your environment and follow their examples.

There are various settings of each adventure from the classroom to the beach to the rest home to the funeral and back to one of the new generation.

Each setting is beautifully illustrated in rich colours with text being in both Maori and English. An excellent tool for teaching and reading in te Reo.

A uniquely New Zealand picture book for everybody.

Starbird by Sharon King-Chai.

August 29, 2019 Comments off

starbirdStarbird by Sharon King-Chai. Pub. two Moons, Imprint MacMillan, 2019.

This beautifully presented sophisticated picture book has a message for all the World. Read it and find out what it is.

The powerful Moon king is proud when he has a daughter and he wants to give her the most wonderful gift imaginable. He decides to catch the one and only Starbird, duly does so and puts it in a cage so his daughter can hear the Starbird’s enchanting song.

The daughter sees how the Starbird suffers and lets it go. The Moon King is furious and hunts it high and low. Other creatures of the World shelter Starbird but the king is determined and has his way.

The recapture of Starbird has tragic consequences and the ending is sad.

Splendid illustrations especially of Starbird and of all the different environments of Earth. This will make you think.

For everyone but a great read-a-loud for juniors. Don’t miss this one you will kick yourself if you do.

The Bookworm by Debi Gliori

August 22, 2019 Comments off

bookwormThe Bookworm by Debi Gliori. Pub. Bloomsbury, 2019.

Three of my favourite things about picture books – pets, imagination and reading, are covered in this delightful creation by Debi Gliori.

Max wants a pet but his parents are reticent. There is a baby in the house that does all the less likeable things that pets do. Max is persistent and settles on a worm but his is a special worm, not just a book worm but something from the soul of childhood imagination – a dragon.

Excellent illustrations with a simple easy to read text. The ideal book for juniors and pre schoolers.