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Last Chance by Gregg Hurwitz

February 14, 2018 Comments off

last chanceLast Chance by Gregg Hurwitz. Pub. Penguin Random House, 2018.

This sequel to The Rains reviewed earlier on this blog is thrilling action writing at its best from an author who has written for Marvel and DC comics and the Orphan X novels amongst others.

After every adult over 18 years was infected by pollen from seeds spread about the Earth by asteroids, they turned into zombie like creatures called Hosts whose function was to capture all the children and to map the Earth for the alien invaders. Now these Hosts are rotting away and been replaced by a more daunting enemy the Hatchlings.

The children were collected to have eggs implanted inside them and give rise to the alien invaders who have been bred to survive in Earth’s conditions. They are flesh eating and are designed to finish humans off and prepare the planet for what? Read it and find out’

Once again the novel is narrated in diary form by 15 year old Chance Rains who with his 18 year old brother Patrick and Alex a 17 year old girl who provides the romantic conflict in this novel, basically fight the enemy single handedly.

These three have a special status within the young survivors of the Dusting and are going to find out that they have a bigger role than they could ever have conceived. They meet with one of the aliens who tells them a story that will blow their minds. .

Meanwhile the action continues as they fight tthe Hosts and Hatchlings to protect their commune set up inside a fenced off high school which has internal power struggles of it’s own. Can the enemy be defeated and the World saved? It’s the stuff of heroes. To tell you any more would ruin the novel for you.

The science is mind boggling and the ending may owe something to John Wyndham’s Day of the Triffids.

Compulsive reading for lovers of zombie books and of science fiction. Not unlike the 5th Wave novels also reviewed on this blog. Check it out, your mad if you don’t.

5th Wave Bk 3: The Last Star by Rick Yancey.

June 28, 2016 Comments off

Last Star5th Wave Bk 3: The Last Star by Rick Yancey. Pub.Penguin Random House, 2016.

The final exciting action packed novel of the 5th Wave Series for teenagers and young adults.

The series that began with the intrusion of a pregnant woman by a shadow from an owl which turned out to be a 10,000 year old alien without a body continues with 99.9% of humans slaughtered by the aliens. Now remains the moping up operations, the 5th Wave, with humans containing the alien presence killing everyone they meet. In fact everybody is killing everybody.

The world  the survivors live in is violent, and death is always a heart beat away It is easier to kill a person than it is to tie your shoe laces and the only hope for humans is that they live long enough for their deaths to matter. There is a teddybear in the story to remind us that we reading about human beings.

Cassie, Ben now called Zombie, Ringer, Nugget, Sam and Megan plus the turncoat alien in human form Evan Walker exist and battle in the last 4 days of Earth. At the end of 4 days the huge alien mothrship that sits in all it’s greenery in the skies will unleash bombs on every city left on Earth to complete the elimination of humans.

Read this and find out if it all occurs. Is there any hope? Will all of the characters whose agonies we live through survive? Masterly written by Rick Yancey with a sense of humour that is bizarre but a believable.

You will not put this down once you start.

How I Alienated my Grandma by Suzanne Main.

March 16, 2015 Comments off

alienated grandmaHow I Alienated my Grandma by Suzanne Main. Pub. Scholastic, 2015.

This is a science fiction adventure novel for primary and intermediate students and it was the winner of the Tom Fitzgibbon Award in 2014 and it deserved to be.

Enthusiastically written by a mother who is used to the banter of children and the absurdities that bringing up children brings. A big strength of the novel is the relationship between the two boys Michael and Elvis, it is clever, witty and a source of most of the information you need to understand the plot.

The plot is clever. Michael finds  a metal object buried deep in his backyard with a metal detector lent to him by his science mad next door neighbour Elvis.  When Michael’s grandma comes to visit he points it at her and presses an indentation and grandma turns into a lizard like creature then back to herself. I would have loved to have done this to my grandma.

Elvis tests the metallic object and finds it is related to no metal on Earth so it must be an alien and Michael deduces that he has alienated his grandma.

The plot thickens when the boys learn that the aliens want to take over Earth and put themselves in human beings.

The boy’s research to see if there have been any alien sightings and find that there have. Who is the old man who shouts “They are Coming” in the main street.

Are the aliens coming and can the boys stop them? The last 100 pages are thrilling. Read it today.

Recon Team Angel Bk4: Vengeance by Brian Falkner

October 31, 2014 Comments off

vengeanceRecon Team Angel Bk4: Vengeance by Brian Falkner. Pub. Walker Books, 2014.

If you are going to write action science fiction novels make sure the science is believable and the action is necessary and exciting. Well Brian Falkner does all this in the final segment to the recon team Angel series. Not only does he do all that but he does it with a style and wit that will have you applauding his genius.

This is the best action writing that I have read since Joihn Marsden’s  Tomorrow when the war began series.

Structured in three parts, each part builds on the other and leads to a hopeful and satisfactory ending.

To recap on the plot. The short, green skinned, forked tongued and sloped headed Bzadians have conquored Australian and much of the World except America and New Zealand. The All Blacks are hard to beat even in the future..

Wars have been fought and the Bzadians held off because of their loathing for cold and water. Now Humans have developed an aircraft (the scream jet) that can fly at mack 7 speed and this threatens to turn the tide of the war. The Recon Angels led by NZ lass Trianne Price accompanied by the Tsar, barnard former turncoat Brogan and insider spy Chisnall are sent on an important mission in an operation that hopefully will turn the war.

The action is brilliant with the dialogue and relationship stuff outstanding. Falkner has a great sense of the absurd and the obvious in dealing with action talk. It made me laugh. his metaphor can be illuminating as when he describes something as “standing out like skid marks on a wedding dress.” Is that good or what?

The best part for me is that the Bzadians are not bad aliens. They have a crime free society. They have a spiritual leader- Azoh and they are neat and tidy. They have their faults and they have developed a bomb -the positronium bomb – that makes nuclear weapons look like firecrackers. The point is will they use it if the chips are really down. More importantly would humans use it in the same position.

An excellent novel for a wide range of age groups from intermediate to young adult. Its depth and its’ humour set this novel aside from most action books. I am sorry to see the end of the series.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

June 15, 2013 Comments off

5th waveThe 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. Pub. Penguin, 2013. 

Most readers will have thought about what this book is all about. The Science Fiction readers certainly will have. Some of the questions you may have asked yourself would have been, “I wonder what they look like?”  “How will they get here?” “Why have they come?”

And if you get past those questions you may consider if a war will take place. “What type of war?” They will certainly be technologically in advance of us. “What if they try to destroy us?” “How will they do it?”. Seven  Billion Earthlings is a lot of people.

You have got it. An Alien invasion of Earth. Old Hat? Never!! Not when it is told like this.

Cassiopeia and Ben are 16 years old. They started the same school in 3rd grade and were still at the same school when the Others came in a giant Spaceship. Then the killing came in waves and in ways that I had never imagined. Nor had Cassie and Ben. You may have but I would be surprised if you did.

Ben and Cassie give first person narrations in this novel. Unique in itself. Their stories are mind blowing. Cassie knew Ben was around at school, in fact she had a massive crush on him and imagined doing all sorts of things. Did Ben have similar thoughts for Cassie?

The imminent end of Human domination of planet Earth changes everything.

I believe this novel is a contender for the Carnegie Medal. If it doesn’t win, the novel that does win will have to be spellbinding, because this is. This book will keep you guessing till the end.

Secondary students and Young Adults will benefit most from this novel and I know that some younger readers will devour it too.

The Lorien Legacies part 4: The Rise of Nine

July 31, 2012 Comments off

The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore. Pub. Penguin Books, 2012.

I have just cottoned on to this series of science fiction/fantasy novels and the reason I read this one is because the action is amazing.

The planet of Lorien has been attacked by alien creatures called Mogadorians led by the powerful and ruthless Setrakus Ra. Ten lorians escaped in two ships to Earth and are hiding out. Three Loriens No1, No2 and No3 were killed by the Mogadorians and the other six are scattered about Earth learning to develop their Legacies or special powers. One is unknown.

They are all teenagers and this book is about the rise of No9. The only way the Loriens can overcome the powerful Setrakus Ra is being together and this novel brings them together for a final onslaught.

Narrated in two strands one by No5 in action in India trying to locate No8, the other in USA narrated by No4 with the rising No9.

Amazing action as the Loriens use their various Legacies like telekinesis to fight off the Mogdorians.

This is for dedicated sci/fi readers in their teens or young adult. This novel helps to fill in the gaps as to what has happened but the best thing to do is to start with the whole series. Look it up at